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Matthew Elston
Small enough to slip in my wallet and really helpful when needing to see a menu etc. when I’ve forgotten my glasses.
Shona Heather
Arrived just now and tried them on. Wow, I love them
Simon Benefer
Mine came in the post today and as much as they are tiny (which is handy, as they go in your wallet/purse in the case) they are a life saver
Liz Buckingham
Handy...can carry them anywhere and really do work! very pleased with my purchase...highly recommend them
Jean Murray
Arrived today in the post (12 days from ordering) I love them
Bobby Santistevan
I am impressed! Progressive lenses cost tons of money in Norway �, these are fantastic and I will be buying more!
John Topham
Handy to keep in a wallet, carried them for several months
Giusi Lo Monaco
molto comodo e si possono tenere nel portafogli

Jagl Gonzalez
No he podido resistirme a la tentacion de probarlas
Danilo Barani
Very useful.
Victor Zadayanny
very useful i like it
Ahti Jalandi
soovitan väga. teist korda juba tellisin ja kõik on ok. aitähh Glens.

Maie Tiislär
Mugav kasutada igal pool.

Katrin Aesma
I am very pleased.

Elina Kuristik
Ongi tõesti suurepärane toode - väike, mugav, tõhus abiline!

Rene Torop
Awesome glasses, would buy again. They have saved me countless times!