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Our startup company has not just designed the world's lightest reading glasses,  but we work every day to introduce new solutions to people who need readers. Glens glasses have been invented not to replace your reading glasses, but to make your daily needs of readers more convenient and perfect!

Our team is made of people of different cultures and languages, this gives us a unique advantage to think universally and understand beyond borders. We have not only created reading glasses to be always with you, but also that they can be everywhere and easily within your reach! We put your benefits before our interests:   we make the most  affordable reading glasses. Our reading glasses are designed in Estonia, they won the RedDot Award of design for their excellent style and we produce them with the highest quality standard in Germany.  

Additionally, we provide the novel concept by making private-label packages for businesses use as marketing material and gift to their customers in hotels, restaurants, cafe' s, hairdressers, optic stores, airlines, etc. We have had a lot of tough times, but this just gives us more motivation to fulfill all our dreams and try to make our customers to have a comfortable and pleasant life!

Always with you,

Glens glasses and Glens team