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Nine Habits That Hurt Vision

These are the Nine Contemporary Habits who damaged more your vision

These are the Nine Contemporary Habits who damaged more your vision. Check this list:

Do not correct the degree of glasses frequently

Using lenses that do not correct the degree of vision impairment correctly impairs the accuracy of vision, causes social disruption, and worsens long-term vision. The ophthalmologist recommends a check-up at least once a year the degree of the lenses so that the ideal correction of the vision disorder is guaranteed.

Read in dark environments

In order to see an object, there must be a light source. The less light, the less sharp the view. As you get to read you need to have the sharpness of the letters, doing it in low-light environments forces concentration and "tires" the eye focus system. This tiredness causes blinding of the eyes, tearing, headache (over the eyebrow), eye oscillation, and red eyes.

Read on the move

Being in motion alters the spatial orientation of the labyrinth, which is the organ responsible for the balance. That's why people who read in traffic may feel dizzy. It is a myth to say that it is this habit that causes a retinal detachment.

Bathing with contact lenses

Impurities and bacteria from the water can contaminate the lenses and be stored in the eyes, which can cause irritations and inflammations.

Do not take contact lenses to sleep

Because they are a film applied on the eyes, the lenses increase the chances of accumulation of bacteria that can proliferate more at night. Although some lenses are advertised as being of continuous use, the habit of not removing them for cleaning or resting on the cornea causes irritations or other more serious problems.

Use eye drops without a prescription

Eye drops who made just for eye cleaning are less dangerous. Some products such as cortisone and antibiotics have substances that produce side effects such as increased pressure and decreased bacterial protection of the eyes, facilitating the development of conjunctivitis.

Move your eyes without washing your hands

Raising your hand in the eyes in everyday situations, after handling money, touching handrails, or on the bus causes an increase in the bacterial flora present in the eyes and can trigger inflammatory processes such as conjunctivitis.

Do not remove makeup properly

The practice of sleeping with makeup is bad for the skin and can harm the health of the eyes. The products may accumulate at the end of the eyelids, blocking the tear release ports. This problem causes drying of the eyes and facilitates the formation of the style. The doctor also advises that you avoid using greasy makeup remover and prioritize neutral children's shampoos to clean the eyelashes. The excess fat in the product may have an effect similar to the accumulation of makeup.

Watch TV from very close

No scientific study has proven that this habit is harmful to the health of the eyes, but staying too close to the TV causes tired eyes.

Try to avoid these nice habits to preserve your eye's health. Currently, there is another very common question regarding cell phones. Like the TV there is no evidence that the use of mobile phones is harmful to the eye. However, the overuse of cell phones does not cause a type of problem in the eyes but can help to mess up the sleep. The human body regulates the cycle of the day from the emission of blue light into the environment. The cells phones emit blue color too. This has as a consequence as if the organism lost the reference of when it is day and night and deregulated the rest. Therefore, reducing the use of cell phones at night is good for controlling stress and regulating social life and also to reassure sleep.