Glens Glasses with Keychain
Color of keychain
+1,5 dpt
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+2,5 dpt
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Portable Unisex Backup Reading Glasses 
Package: Polycarbonate Keychain Case With Ergonomic Lock


Armless, handy and lightweight, Thanks to the design and size they easily fit in your wallet and cardholders or simply slip into your pocket, bag, and purse.
Functional, yet chic and stylish, frame attached easily with bags, the button of shirts and keys take it simply everywhere


Remarkable holds thanks to the innovative design of fastener and easy to take it out.


•    Dimension:  85mm x 25mm x 5mm
•    Weight: only one gram
•    Made in the United Kingdom
•    Colors: Green, White, Red, and Beige
•    5mm metal ring to attach either rubber or metal hooks fixing with button or zipper


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