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How you can order your private label from Glens reading glasses?

I would like to explain the difference between Private Label and White label first.
How you can order your private label from Glens reading glasses?
I would like to explain the difference between Private Label and White label first.
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Do you want to sell products as your own brand? Doing this is called private labeling or white labeling. These two are almost the same, but not exactly. I will explain both. The process is as follows: A manufacturer produces a nonexclusive product, e.g. a pen. This pen has no brand, just a plain pen; this is a white label. You buy these pens & put your logo on it. & finally, you sell it to customers as your brand. So you don't have to take care of the production, you only put your logo on it & do marketing. Remember, you will be responsible for customer care since customers see it as your product. So don't make it too hard for yourself. When buying a white label, you need to provide it with your own brand. But there are also manufacturers that offer the option to private label it for you. So instead of shipping the plain product, they already ship it with your logo on it. That's what's called private labeling. You can create your logo yourself, or let another company do it.
So what we do for you in Glens?We try to make it very clear and simple:
First, we request for quotation. Usually, in this step, Glens sales team provides you with a list of offers based on quantity to make it easier for you to place the order by which they breakdown ranges of quantity with the price, as printing price has a direct relation with the quantity, the more you prints the less you pay. Besides, we have two options for the material of the packages, one is 190 grams standard paper and the other is 250 grams recyclable paper which also has an impact on the pricing strategy. As soon as you decide on the quantity and material of the packages our design team will reach you! At this stage, we would kindly ask you whether you able to make the design or you need Glens team to design the desire packages for you? in case you have your own design team, we just provide you with the plain template of the packages which you can make any changes and send it back to us! on the other hand, You can upload the information of the business, & a picture of your logo in full size, & send the request. we will reach out to you, providing two different simple, yet attractive designs and it's for free! it is always possible for us to provide you with more designs but it might add little extra charges.
Finally, when you feel happy with your design is the time that we send the files to be printed and assembles with the reading glasses inside!
This process again depends on the quantity that may take from 1 week to 3 weeks.
Here we go! you have your private label slimmest and most unique reading glasses in your hand now!
There are multiple ways to sell your product. You could simply sell it on marketplaces, like eBay & Amazon, but I highly recommend making an own online store, & making social media pages like Instagram to promote. Besides, you can always sell them physically in the store or eye clinic for instance. Also, make sure to invest in marketing. You have to invest in marketing to reach your audience, and Glens private label gives you remarkable competitive advantages. customers love free samples and discount as you can simply print out here! furthermore, people keep your business card if it is interesting or has value! what is more unique and valuable than a business card with reading glasses inside? customers will keep it for a long time for sure, and here is the best marketing happen to your brand, word of mouth! they show your interesting valuable gift to everyone and tell them from where they got this.
If you need any further information our sales team is ready to answer your questions: email us: