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Great present idea for Dads

Wow. Dads are great, right? We know, dads can be hard to shop for
Wow. Dads are great, right?
Dad has been there for you through it all.
We know, dads can be hard to shop for—why do they never seem to want anything?? It is so easy to put a ton of pressure on yourself to pick out that perfect gift, but it shouldn’t be too hard for you because you’ve landed here! (*Glens reading glasses.*) Whether you're near or far you can make their day by gifting them something super unique as well as something practical. Maybe he'll use it every day or maybe he'll just put it on as a spare pair of his reading glasses, but either way, be prepared to feel the love when your dad opens one of the amazing Glens gift boxes below:
Test box: Perfectly placed five pairs of reading glasses under the World's slimmest reading glasses case. The test box has two adhesive keepers in black and two in white Keepers have designed to keep your glasses always within reach by simply stick them to your computer monitor or kitchen cupboard... microfiber cloth is coming with the set for cleaning the lenses and 2 one-time mobile holder cards which you can enjoy watching a movie next time you get on board or just reading a book on your tablet when you are on a short business trip. The cost is only € 15.99
Ten 2 Read box: This gift set has designed for couples who use the very same powers for their reading glasses or ones who lose or break their readers more often!! 10 pairs of Glens backup reading glasses with two keychain case which you can choose among all 5 colors available on our website. All other accessories are the same as the Test box. The price for the Ten 2 read set is € 28.99.