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Glens glasses - irreplaceable at hairdresser


We have been encouraging our customers to give the feedback about the situations and places where they enjoy very much to use Glens glasses. We will share this info definetly step by step in our website under the blog and on social media accounts. One of the favorite places, where Glens glasses are irreplaceable, is at hairdresser. It is the place where most of people regularly go, men and women, and there you have the certain time to spend till you are ready. We share the great experience of other customers, because it can definetly make more happy so many other people everywhere in the world.


When hairdresser is cutting, coloring, fixing, drying your hair, you have time to spend, so you can use it finally having time to enjoy the magazine or to read something from your phone. For these moments are the best Glens glasses, because they are armless, so hairdresser can freely do herhis job. Glens glasses have an advantage of beeing small and armless, so it will help you to avoid to make dirty with color your main reading glasses with regular shape.


As an idea for hairdresser salons – we can create the package also with image and data of hairdresser salon, it would help the customers to have the contact data of this salon always with you, having the size of bank card, in your wallet, even in the smallest bag, in mobil case or just in pocket ...


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